Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. is a professional, highly skilled commercial pest management company. FSS personnel is trained in many different types of fumigation including Methyl Bromide (QPS only), Sulfuryl Fluoride (Vikane and ProFume), Phosphine (VaporPH3OS, ECO2¬Fume, Aluminum and Magnesium Phosphide) and Decontamination Services using Chlorine Dioxide (for control of salmonella). FSS also complies and sets the standard for the fumigation industry for safety. Our fumigation crews are experienced in grain, seed and mill fumigations, HDS and J-systems, food facilities, rail cars, barges, ships, trailers, logs, ISPM-15, DDGS (and other commodities). FSS also offers comprehensive Food Safety Pest Management services for select clientele.


Fumigation Service & Supply is a professional, highly skilled company trained in current fumigation techniques and ever changing safety requirements. Our fumigation crews are experienced in grain, seed and mill fumigations, HDS and J-systems, food facilities, railcars, trailers, logs, ISPM-15 for export and pest control services.

Our product line consists of fumigants, safety and monitoring equipment, pesticides, rodenticides, hard to find and other items for the fumigation/pest control industry. For more information on our complete line call 1-800-992-1991 and request your catalog today.

Education is a priority with FSS. We offer continuing education seminars, on-site training, consulting and International Workshops.

Insects Limited, Inc. researches, tests, develops, manufactures, and distributes pheromones for stored food insects throughout North America and in over 30 countries worldwide.

Insects Limited, Inc. specializes in a unique niche of pest control that started out as an idea and has developed into a business that provides a range of products and services that are becoming mainstream in protecting stored food, grain, tobacco, timber, museums and fiber worldwide.

GreenWay produces quality pheromone traps that help you protect your stored products. Our team of scientists have carefully produced and tested our products for quality and dependability. Unlike other brands, GreenWay's unique trap and lure captures both male and female clothes moths. We guarantee that each insect trap will meet or exceed these high standards.