Pests are a critical threat to pharmaceutical facilities. A single pest in production, research or ingredient storage can contaminate the final product, ruin years of research and cost millions of dollars in losses. Fumigation Service & Supply has the knowledge, capabilities and equipment to help pharmaceutical facilities protect their product from unwanted pests.

Case Study

A pharmaceutical company shipped a pallet of drugs to Japan. When the pallet arrived it was inspected and contained two black carpenter ants stuck inside the clear shrink wrap. These ants were reproductive winged carpenter ants.

The pallet on which the product was shipped was made of new wood and had never been used before. The time of year was February and carpenter ants swarm at this time to look for new living quarters. The wood had a colony of carpenter ants inside a small slit which allowed the reproductive flying adult ants a place to escape.

The total cost of this customer complaint was $450,000. The product was finally discarded and much time was involved in tracking down the cause of this occasional invading insect issue. The reputation of the pharmaceutical company was blemished and a new program for pallet inspection and fumigation was created to prevent this from happening in the future.

Their new pest prevention program included a visit to their suppliers of pallets. Two of the pallet companies were dropped from their supplier list. The two that were retained were educated about carpenter ants and the quality of wood needed to build their pallets. Each pallet supplier was required to fumigate every load of incoming pallets. They had to obtain two people licensed and certified to provide this service along with the safety equipment needed to offer an effective and safe fumigation.

No pallet was stored outdoors when they arrived at the pharmaceutical warehouse. Every load of pallets was inspected by the pest management company when it arrived. If signs of spider webs, debris, foreign matter, carpenter ant damage, saw dust, powder post beetle activity, mouse droppings, or any defect was observed, the load of pallets was taken outdoors and rejected.