Pet Food / Animal Nutrition

Fumigation Service & Supply has the knowledge, capabilities and equipment to help animal food / pet nutrition facilities protect their product from unwanted pests.

Case Study

Mold mites (Tyrophagus putrescentiae) have become a serious pest in soft moist pet food. This type of gourmet dog food has gained importance with popularity skyrocketing in recent years. The product is unique in that it contains the perfect conditions for mold mites to survive and reproduce. They can lay 500 eggs in a week. Even though mites are barly visible to the naked eye, millions, and perhaps billions, of mites have been found in a single bag of dog food. They enter the bag through the stitching or on the cotton string used to open the bag.

Years of mite monitoring and university research have proven that pet food normally comes from the manufacturing plant mite free. However, older retail stores have the perfect conditions for this mite to develop and spread from bag to bag. Slow rotating soft dog food has the most mold mites. One kibble of soft moist pet food was found to have over 400 mites on and burrowing into it.