Organic Bags

Our Food Safety Pest Management program can be customized to meet the needs of any organic certifier. FSS uses the best pheromone monitoring tools available through Insects Limited. Pheromone monitoring allows for the earliest possible detection for an insect outbreak and allows you to make the corrective actions necessary to keep insect populations under control. FSS also implements a wide array of tools and equipment to help control insect infestations without using pesticides. Check out our organic catalog for a list of available options.

Using good sanitation techniques, inspecting for clues (food products, insect trails) and monitoring insect populations will help keep your insect problems under control.

Another non-pesticide or non-chemical method to control insect populations is using hot or cold temperatures. As a general rule, freezing at 0º F for 7 days should achieve 100% control of all insect life stages. It is important, however to remember that condensation can occur during the thawing process. Wrapping items in tightly sealed plastic bags can help reduce this problem. The general rule for heating is 120º F for 16-24 hours to achieve control of all insect life stages.

Temperature Effects on Insects