Import/Export Containers

Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. has three USDA and APHIS certified heated fumigation centers in the Midwest.  We have the capabilities to fumigate logs, crates, pallets, ISPM 15, automobiles, farm equipment, grain, seed, etc.  Our heated fumigation centers can target brown marmorated stink bugs, emerald ash borer and other pests with a wide array of fumigants such as methyl bromide, sulfuryl fluoride and phosphine. 


All fumigations are performed to precise standards and your cargo is safe with our trained personnel that take great care in application, clearance, and documentation so there is no delay in getting your container on board and on the destination.  For more information contact us at or 1-800-992-1991 or contact our certified heated fumigation centers directly at:


Westfield Indiana

16950 Westfield Park Road

Westfield, IN 46074



Heyworth Illinois

702 Vine Street

Heyworth, IL 61745



Joliet, Illinois

100 Manhattan Road

Joliet, IL 61745