As one of the largest grain fumigation service providers in the Midwest, we specialize in conventional and advance fumigation methods for grain storage operations. Some of these services include:

  1. Gas re-circulation, closed loop, "J-system" Fumigation
  2. ECO2Fume,Gas Fumigant Applications
  3. VAPORPH3OS Gas Fumigant Applications
  4. Advanced real time gas monitoring
  5. Phosphine resistance analysis
  6. Sulfuryl Fluoride treatment as alternative to phosphine for resistance management
  7. Barge Fumigation
  8. Ship Fumigation
  9. Empty Structure Preventative Treatments (Spray and Fog Options)
  10. Grain Protectant Sales and Services

FSS is ag-based and stored product specialists. We know that without safely storing your commodities profits can literally be "eaten" up by pests. We offer the same extensive Food Safety Pest Management programs for the grain industry as we do for the processed food industry. Coupled with out preventative and control capabilities your grain is safe in our hands.