Upcoming Training Opportunities

Almost every year one or more people die in the United States from misuse of fumigants or unauthorized entry into fumigated areas. It is critical that fumigation applicators receive thorough training and certification before using fumigants. If you have a new employee who needs personalized training in fumigation and stored product protection, Fumigation Service & Supply and Insects Limited can provide one-on-one and small group training tailored to your needs.

FSS understands fumigation is a highly skilled and potentially risky business. We have a staff of veteran fumigators who have performed thousands of fumigations, including mills, warehouses, a variety of grain bins and storage facilities, export logs, and wood materials. We also have experience with the new technologies and information in scrubbing gases, gas detection and monitoring, fumigant label changes and anticipated changes. If you wish to become a certified USDA export fumigator or ISPM-15 wood packaging material fumigator, FSS has personnel to show you what it takes to meet these standards.

Our sister company, Insects Limited can help provide technical support and entomological experience. Alain Van Ryckeghem, Board Certified Entomologist, technical director, former professor, and board certified stored product entomologist, arranges 1 to 4 day personalized training that includes a wide range of topics to better prepare you to manage your pest problems. Insects Limited offers one-on-one training for fumigant scrubbers. This includes a full day in the classroom and one day in the field working with this new fumigant destruction technology. David Mueller and Pat Kelley, Board Certified Entomologists, offer one-on-one pheromone training and (museum pest management). This includes basic pheromone set up, reports, bar coding, mating destruction, and (museum pest management).

If you are interested in improving a skill in pest management and would like a tailored program that will address your particular needs, call 1-800-992-1991 or email info@fumigationzone.com.

If you have questions, please contact Peggy Rutkowski.