About Us

Westfield Office

Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. is a professional, highly skilled company trained in current fumigation techniques, integrated pest management and ever changing safety requirements. We offer Products, Services and Education. Our staff have years of experience in Fumigation, Food Safety Pest Management, Fogging and Non-toxic Alternatives. With a number of offices throughout the Midwest, we have the capabilities to solve difficult pest problems for many companies and commercial industries.

Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. was established in 1981 by Dave and Mary Beth Mueller and has continued to be a family run business. Our emphasis on identity, safety, quality service, authenticity, and integrity has not wavered in almost 35 years of business.

We provide in-house training, continued education accredited skill building meetings, technical support, and our biennial Fumigants & Pheromones Conference which attracts people from over 60 countries to learn more about the safe use of fumigants and other pest management tools. With 4 staffed entomologists, seasoned fumigators and experienced service technicians, FSS has the staff to help solve the most challenging issues and offer exceptional support for our products. Our quarterly newsletter, Fumigants & Pheromones focus reaches over 20,000 people worldwide with new and popular ideas. The US EPA awarded FSS twice as “Best of Best” Award winners for Stratospheric Ozone Protection. We work hard to protect the environment. FSS was also recognized by the United Nations as innovators in alternatives.

Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. is based on the following principles:

  1. To be daring, be safe, be different, and be fair
  2. To establish a working environment that is fun, intellectually challenging, and foremost, safe to our employees, our customers, and our community
  3. We must show our respect for our customers and ourselves in all our research, product development, sales, and daily life
  4. We must maintain high integrity and be known for our integrity and fairness to our customers
  5. To be known as innovators for the future of fumigation, pest management, and pheromones
  6. To use the target pest as the initial starting place when a pest problem needs to be solved
  7. We will strive to be an education and training leader in our industry

In all, our aim is to strive for quality service, provide the absolute best products available worldwide, be a respected world-class organization, and maintain profitability with innovation, alternatives, and education.