• Export Fumigations

    FSS helps exporters get their shipment to destination, safely, on time and in compliance.
    Whether it's a commodity or a car, FSS can help ensure you meet import
    requirements around the world.
    BMSB season 2020-2021 has officially began. All AU and NZ loads designated as high
    risk must be treated for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Click the link to learn how FSS
    makes it happen for our clients!

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  • Our Industries

    Our roots as a company are proudly and firmly embedded in agriculture and agrarian-based
    products. From wheat, corn and rice to logs and fine furniture, Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. has a
    solution for your pest management needs. Visit our industry specific pages by clicking below.

    • Food Processing
    • Milling
    • Seed
    • Grain
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Import/Export Containers
    • Warehouse/Distribution Centers
    • Pet Food/Animal Nutrition
    • Organic

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  • Coverage Area

    Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. is a family owned regional fumigation and
    commercial pest management company offering services, products and
    education. In business since 1982, we have been able to maintain our identity and our
    level of quality to our clients. Visit our interactive map to see who is in your
    region that can help.

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  • Pest Control Essentials

    We’re showcasing some of our most popular and best-selling seasonal products!
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  • Integrated Pest Management

    Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. uses the I.P.M. approach to food safety. We
    understand stored product pests better than anyone and have the personnel,
    facilities and personnel to help you create a solution to the most challenging

    Services We Provide


Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. is a professional, highly skilled company trained in current fumigation techniques, integrated pest management and ever changing safety requirements. We offer Products, Services and Education. Our staff have years of experience in Fumigation, Food Safety Pest Management, Fogging and Non-toxic Alternatives. With a number of offices throughout the Midwest, we have the capabilities to solve difficult pest problems for many companies and commercial industries including:

Our product line includes a wide selection of equipment and chemicals that allow you to implement a successful pest management program. This includes fumigants, insecticides, spraying and fogging equipment, bird and rodent control, safety equipment and hard to find materials necessary to perform fumigations.

Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. is based on the following principals:

  1. To be daring, be safe, be different, and be fair
  2. To establish a working environment that is fun, intellectually challenging, and foremost, safe to our employees, our customers, and our community
  3. We must show our respect for our customers and ourselves in all our research, product development, sales, and daily life
  4. We must maintain high integrity and be known for our integrity and fairness to our customers
  5. To be known as innovators for the future of fumigation, pest management, and pheromones
  6. To use the target pest as the initial starting place when a pest problem needs to be solved
  7. We will strive to be an education and training leader in our industry

In all, our aim is to strive for quality service, provide the absolute best products available worldwide, be a respected world-class organization, and maintain profitability with innovation, alternatives, and education.